Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Has It All!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC or TOS as they refer to it, is a top-of-the-line, full-color, homeschool magazine which only comes out 4 times a year but there is more packed in each issue than in most monthly magazines I've come across over the years. I am reviewing the Summer 2008 issue as that is the one sent to me to sample.

Structured as though the magazine is a schoolhouse and grounds there are sections such as Campus Store (a list of advertisers and where to find their ads), Homeschool Faculty (bios of contributing writers), and Teachers's Lounge (reader feedback). TOS also has a Homeschool Watch section to help you keep abreast of legal issues.

There are a wealth of articles written to encourage, not to overwhelm you on such topics as gifted children, adoption, special needs children, nature walking, intelligent design, and teaching your child to love reading.

You will always be able to keep on top of the latest products in the homeschooling marketplace just by browsing the advertisers in each issue (many offer free catalogs or brochures and almost all have a website to visit).

I visited the 'Principal's Office' to learn about submitting articles, their statement of faith, and subscription rates ($25.00/year or $39.00 for 2 years). Sign up for the current fall special and get an extra issue along with 6 free gifts while supplies last. Subscribe online at the link below!

If you visit their website
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, you will find even more opportunities to pursue! There is a free weekly newsletter to sign up for, The Schoolhouse Store which offers very reasonably priced products and always free shipping (a big plus these days). There are numerous e-books in 20 different topics available for purchase. For instance right now, you can download an e-book unit study on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends for $3.50 (on sale) or a bundle of Eric Carle Unit Study e-books for $9.74 (on sale). The left sidebar is loaded with catagories of products to browse covering all major subjects and lots of electives.

So get inspired! Hook up with the folks at
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC and your homeschool journey will never feel lonely again!
Kathy D.

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